Application to replace disused golf course and shop with cycling tracks and hub as part of masterplan for Newbold Comyn in Leamington

Plans have been submitted for approval to replace the disused golf course and its buildings at Newbold Comyn in Leamington with bicycle tracks and a cycling hub as part of the wider masterplan for the green space.

The plans for the bicycle tracks and hub at Newbold Comyn.

Design, engineering and project management consultancy Atkins is acting as an agent on behalf of Warwick District Council to create the plans for the cycle tracks and hub.

In its design and access statement for the proposas, Atkins has said: "The Old Golf Shop and Clubhouse building was formally an agricultural barn that is north of the Newbold Comyn Arms public house (then farmhouse) that was listed Grade II in 1953.

"The building is part of a farmstead that has significant heritage value. The listed building and curtilage can be categorised as a main farmhouse (public house c1980’s) with both a U-shaped courtyard plan and linear courtyard plan.

"It is located within a 300 acre park that is on the north-eastern edge of Leamington

"The Council has undertaken a consultation process called the 'Future of Newbold Comyn', which provided initial feedback on the reasons why people use Newbold Comyn park and subsequently on a broad range of potential facilities for inclusion in a masterplan.

"A final consultation took place in Spring 2020 on a shortlisted range of facilities and November 2020 the council approved an agreed masterplan for the site.

"Consequently, these proposals are part of the wider masterplan that aims to repurpose the site and setting that will achieve considerable public benefit for the local area and safeguard the historic barn for the future.

"The proposed changes to the Old Golf Shop and Clubhouse seek to remove poor quality external additions, make changes to the internal general arrangement, carry out necessary repairs to heritage fabric and remove poor quality C20 / C21 materials, improve the thermal performance of the building and introduce renewable technology.

"The proposed scheme also seeks to improve the accessibility in and around the building and re-landscape the existing yard areas.

"These changes are intended to restore the external appearance and significantly improve the legibility and accessibility of the internal spaces.

"The proposals also include redeveloping the disused golf course into a series of bike tracks designed for all ages and capabilities.

"The inclusive design of the bike track includes provisions for people with both physical and visual difficulties and has also been based on ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) and British Cycling standards.

"Both of the design elements are intended to be interconnected with the majority of the cycle trail visible from the cycling hub (Old Golf Shop and Clubhouse).

"This creates a viewing aspect of the area and that aids family use and orientation within the wider parkland."

To view and/or comment of the application click here or search for W/21/0256 on Warwick District Council's online planning portal.