Breaking News: Outdoor swimming pool at Abbey Fields in Kenilworth will not be re-opened this summer

This summer is likely to be the last time swimmers can use the lido before Warwick District Council proceeds with its plan to close and replace it with another indoor pool

The outdoor swimming pool in Abbey Fields, Kenilworth.

The outdoor swimming pool at Abbey Fields in Kenilworth will not be re-opened this summer, Warwick District Council has announced.

The news will come as a blow for campaigners who wanted the Lido to open for the rest of the usual season, which runs until September, after the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions.This could have been the last chance for people to enjoy outdoor swimming at the public pool in Kenilworth with the council planning to close it and replace it with a second indoor pool at the site.

The council’s portfolio holder for culture, tourism and leisure, Councillor Liam Bartlett, said: “As we have stated previously, we have been assessing the viability of reopening the pool, for a final season against a number of criteria - the latest national position regarding Covid restrictions, the cost of the extensive repairs required to bring the facility to a safe operating condition, the additional operating costs against the predicted footfall for the remainder of the season and most importantly fulfilling the added need and availability of water space and trained staff for swimming lessons during what are still very difficult times for our leisure centres.

“In contrast to lidos found in other areas of the country, the layout and the condition of the Kenilworth outdoor pool built in the 1980s, does not lend itself to the type of swimming session the majority of users are currently seeking.

“Therefore, in the coming weeks, our priority will continue to be the safe running of the indoor facility. The most recent government announcement also now means the local community can enjoy the centre’s facilities without many of the previous operational restrictions in place.”

More to follow.