Broken 'obsolete' lift at Rugby block of retirement flats will leave some trapped for up to two months

One resident said they will go 'potty' if they are trapped for much longer

Photo: Google Streetview.

A broken lift at a retirement housing complex has left some trapped in their own flats - with the company which runs the site stating it may be another eight weeks before the lift is working again.

Residents at Ross Court on Curie Close contacted the Advertiser to share their concerns over the issue - which began on Thursday, September 30, when the lift broke down.

One resident, who wished not to be named, said their mobility issues make them entirely unable to use the stairs - meaning they have been trapped in their flat since then.

The resident, who would ordinarily be going out to get fresh air and meet friends for coffee, said they are now feeling isolated and vulnerable.

They added: "We've been told it might take another six weeks because apparently the lift is obsolete - so they can't get the part quickly.

"We pay nearly £1,500 in service charges and another £150 in ground rent every six months - we're all paying enough, this should be fixed.

"I'll go potty if I'm stuck up here for another six weeks.

"One of my friends said 'I'm having a job getting up and down the stairs but it's making my joints worse the longer I have to do it.'"

The Advertiser contacted FirstPort, the company which runs the complex, and a spokesperson said it could be another two months before the lift is fixed.

They said: “We are sorry for the disruption caused by the lift breakdown at Ross Court and are trying to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

"Unfortunately, the required lift part is no longer produced, hence the delay in being able to replace it.

"A broken lift at a retirement development can be particularly challenging, and we are doing all we can to support residents in the meantime, with the development manager available to assist with jobs such as waste disposal and laundry.”

The spokesperson added that the part needed to fix the lift (a processor) is no longer manufactured, and they are trying to obtain quotes for a replacement.

A lead time of six to eight weeks to get hold of the part is expected, they said.