Brunswick Hub in Leamington approved as support centre for forthcoming Census 2021

The Brunswick Hub in Leamington has been approved as a support centre for the forthcoming national Census this month.

The Brunswick Hub in Shrubland Street, Leamington, has been approved as a Census Support Centre.

Families and individuals will be asked to fill in the national Census

This is a questionnaire, which is sent out to households every ten years to get a picture of society on a particular given day, this year that day is Sunday March 21.

The Census 2021 will be 'digital first', meaning it will be mainly online.

The Census 2021 takes place on Sunday March 21.

Households in England and Wales will get a letter with a unique access code to complete their Census.

The Census helps organisations like councils understand what our society needs now and what it’s likely to need in the future.

The information it collects helps plan and fund services in your area.

This could include transport, education, and healthcare.

The Census is so important that it’s compulsory for everyone in England and Wales to take part.

If you require any support in filling out your Census then please contact the team at the Brunswick Hub on 01926 422123 between 10am and 2pm from Monday to Friday.

For more information about the Census go to