Businesses in Leamington and Warwick can be awarded for help with anti-litter and plastic free campaigns

Businesses in Leamington and Warwick can now be awarded for doing their bit to reduce the amount of litter in the towns.

The Green Business Recognition award, developed by Clean Up Britain the national anti-litter campaigning organisation based in Leamington, is to be rolled-out in the two towns.

Warwick District Council has allocated Clean Up Britain £17,000 funding - which the organisation received unexpectedly as a grant from central government last year to launch the award scheme.

Already, 34 local businesses have been awarded at least Level 1 of the award - there are three levels.

The It's Now or Never sign in a coffee shop
The It's Now or Never sign in a coffee shop
The It's Now or Never sign in a coffee shop

Explaining the award, John Read, the Founder of Clean Up Britain' said: "Local businesses can play a crucial part to inspire behavioural change, from managing litter outside their premises to reducing reliance on single-use plastic.

"Clean Up Britain wants to encourage and celebrate those who are making a difference with our Now or Never Green Business Award - starting here in Leamington and Warwick.

"At the same time, we’re supporting work towards a plastic-free Warwick and Leamington - so businesses could earn Plastic Free Status too

"We’ve created a checklist with a number of steps local businesses can choose from.

"The more actions you take, the higher the level of award.

Our simple guidelines make choices straightforward and actions doable.

" A bit of passion for the environment, a small investment in time and willingness to champion a little positive change is all that’s needed.

"Pick three plastic free actions and you get plastic free status too."

For more information about the awards email [email protected]