Campaign launched for formal 20mph zone in the centre of Kenilworth - including residential roads

At present the only 20 mph area in the town is a temporary measure put in place for Warwick Road between the St John’s gyratory and Abbey End but campaigners want this speed limit to become permanent and extended out to other roads

Warwick Road in Kenilworth. Image courtesy of Google Maps.

A campaign has been launched to create a formal 20 mph zone in several roads in Kenilworth town centre.

As present the only 20 mph area is a temporary measure put in place for Warwick Road between the St John’s gyratory and Abbey End.

But campaigners want this zone to be extended to help increase safety in the town.

The area proposed is that bounded between Abbey Hill, Priory Road, Whateleys Drive, Waverley Road, Warwick Road to the St John’s gyratory, St John’s Street, Roseland Road, Mortimer Road, St Nicholas Avenue, Siddeley Avenue, Brookside Avenue, Forrest Road and Borrowell Lane and on Farmer Ward Road.

An online petition has been created and can be signed by Warwickshire residents at for the county council to respond to the petition, at least 50 signatures of people who live, work or study in Warwickshire are needed.

If 1,000 signatures are obtained, the petition can be presented at a County Council meeting.

The petition will remain open until June 28.

Campaign supporter Cllr Richard Dickson said: "At speeds in excess of 30 mph research shows that a child or vulnerable adult will be lucky to survive a collision.

"At below 20 mph, they have a much better chance of survival. Many of the side roads in central Kenilworth pass through residential areas past schools, but are now being used as dangerous rat runs.

"If vehicles slow down, the roads should be much safer for pedestrians and cyclists of all ages."

Campaigners are giving away a free bin sticker and window sticker obtained from the first 20 people to apply by email to [email protected]Resident Richard Wallace is objecting to the county council's proposal to have the 20 mph limit in Warwick Road alone.

He and many others are concerned this will cause motorists to take diversionary routes around the main road and through residential areas making these roads less safe for residents and increasing pollution in these areas.

He said: "We have no problems with 20 mph [limit] on a wider basis.

"But it needs to be enforced - i.e. average speed cameras.

"Humps or tables do not deter 'boy racers' as residents in Leyes Lane testify.

"At least if the 20 mph was widespread it would not encourage diversions down rat runs.

"However the council seem obsessed with Warwick Road and, in the day, there is not really a problem - as the council's own average speed data confirms."