Ceramic sculpture by Crick artist on show at Royal Academy in London as part of summer exhibition

Shiro’s work is part of ‘Climate’ themed exhibition

An artist living near Crick has her nature-inspired work on show at the Royal Academy in London.

Ceramic sculpture entitled ‘Hamlet’ by artist Shiro S. Parr is on display as part of their annual Summer Exhibition.

This year’s exhibition theme is 'climate'.

Shiro shows off her work

Hamlet is a ceramic sculpture of a badger holding a human skull.

Shiro said: 'It’s this juxtaposition between the natural world and the human world that interests and distressed me.

“We are nature yet we have become so far apart from nature.”

The artist added: “The sculpture is called Hamlet, but whether this refers to the badger, the skull or is a reference to the concept of the sculpture itself is for the viewer to decide.”

The RA Summer Exhibition is the largest open art exhibition in the world, open to all artists from the well known to members of the public.

‘Hamlet’ is on display in the central hall of the Royal Academy until August 21.

The Summer Exhibition showcases art in all forms, from prints, painting, film and photography, to architectural works and sculpture by invited artists, Royal Academicians and emerging talent.

Most of the works are available to buy, and proceeds from the Summer Exhibition directly support the exhibiting artists and the RA’s charitable work, including training the next generation of artists in the Royal Academy Schools.

When not sculpting badgers Shiro also illustrates badgers and other wildlife in more whimsical and comedic situations. You can see more of her work @curiousceramics on Instagram.