'Commonwealth Games cycle event in Warwick is a great honour - but road closures are a concern' says councillor

Cllr John Holland. Photo suppliedCllr John Holland. Photo supplied
Cllr John Holland. Photo supplied
The cycling road races are due to take place in August

A Warwick councillor says he is excited to see the town host the Commonwealth Games cycling road races but has also expressed concerns about the road closures for the event.

Cllr John Holland, county councillor for Warwick West has raised concerns over the potential for disruption from road closures for the races on August 7.

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Cllr Holland said: “It’s a great honour for us to be hosting the races and it will really put Warwick on the map, but I have some concerns over the potential for disruption for residents that live on or near the roads being closed.

“The route will create an island in the middle of Warwick, where residents, businesses and other venues could be cut off.

“As August 7 gets closer, I think we need some clarification on how people are going to get in and out of the area that looks like it is being closed for a large part of the day.

"I know emergency vehicles will be able to gain access, but I am also concerned about the needs of others, such as vulnerable people who need carers to visit.

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“It’s wonderful that Warwick will attract thousands of visitors that day and it will be good for businesses who will want to make the most of the opportunity.

"I also think they will need plenty of warning about how to get staff ‘to and fro’ and manage essential deliveries.

“Further information on road closures was promised in early 2022 and as we are approaching the end of March now, I would ask that detailed plans are shared as soon as possible to avoid any problems on the day.”

Around 160 cyclists from across the Commonwealth will take part in Men’s and Women’s road race events in Warwick

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The cycling road race is one of five events in the 2022 Commonwealth games that will be free for spectators, so Warwick expects thousands of people will line the route and watch some of the world’s best cyclists racing.

The race will begin and end in St Nicholas Park, and that area will be ticketed.

Birmingham 2022 Director of Venues, Dominic Olliff, said: “Birmingham 2022, Warwickshire County Council and other partners are working very closely to ensure that key information about the Road Race for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games is shared with all residents and local businesses as soon as it is finalised, which is expected to be in the next couple of weeks.

"Emergency access will of course be facilitated at all times and the needs of vulnerable people are also being carefully considered by the experienced organising team.

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"The partners have already held a community drop-in session in Warwick town centre and more sessions are planned, with two scheduled for early April, details of which will be shared very soon.

"These will allow residents and business owners to come and speak to the organisers, so that they can raise any queries that they have.

"Meetings have also been taking place every month with local councillors, and we have been very grateful for their input.

"The full route was unveiled back in October to provide people with as much notice as possible that they may be impacted by this one-day event, and the detailed road closure information will be published at birmingham2022.com very soon.

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"There are 19 sports and 15 venues for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, so the release of information has been carefully staggered and this process started last week.

"We look forward to providing more information as part of our Birmingham 2022 ‘Get Set’ campaign to stakeholders and all of the residents and business owners in the local area in the next few weeks, and we are very much looking forward to staging this event in and around Warwick, as it will provide a fabulous backdrop for these exciting races.”