Conservative Philip Seccombe is re-elected as Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner

One of Mr Seccombe's first jobs will be to appoint a new Warwickshire Police chief constable to replace Martin Jelley who is retiring very soon

Philip Seccombe has admitted to feeling privileged and humbled after being elected as Warwickshire police and crime commissioner for a further three years.

The Conservative candidate secured enough votes in the first ballot to win the election and now plans to build on the work he has already done.

Speaking following the declaration at Stoneleigh Park, Mr Seccombe said: “I feel honoured and privileged to receive the support of 85,000 of our population here in Warwickshire - that’s more than 50 per cent of those who voted so therefore getting through on the first ballot which is quite rare.

Conservative Philip Seccombe has been re-elected as Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

“It’s a good mandate. The turnout this time was 38.5 per cent - the last time it was 26 per cent - so it’s good to know that people are engaged, that they care about the job which they probably know more about and it will mean I can engage more easily with communities and residents around the county.

“The links are already there but I have to build on them. We have hundreds of parishes and I will be going around as many as I can. My job is about listening to people, understanding their priorities and then going back to the office and putting those issues into a proper strategic plan which will become the new police and crime plan.

“This will take a few months because it will need a lot of consultation because I want all the partners and as many residents as possible to be part of it.

“I’m humbled with the result and feel very privileged to be able to take the role forward.”

He added that one of his first jobs will be to appoint a new chief constable for the force with Martin Jelley retiring at the end of June.

“The closing date is this week so we don’t have the runners and riders yet but I am confident that the right calibre of candidates will want to come to Warwickshire,”

Mr Seccombe said. “We are now a standalone force having come out of the strategic alliance with West Mercia and recently came out top of a recent poll of morale among police officers across the country.”

The full result of the Warwickshire police and crime commissioner election was as follows: Philip Seccombe (Con) 85,963, Ben Twomey (Lab) 45,768, Louis Adam (Lib Dem) 26,660, Henry Lu (Reform UK) 6,692.

The turnout was 38.45 per cent.