Council told not to add water to Kenilworth's Abbey Field lake despite concerns about the fish

Warwick District Council have been told not to top up Abbey Field lakes in Kenilworth with mains water – despite concerns about the welfare of the fish.

Dead fish have been spotted in Abbey Fields lake in Kenilworth this week. Photo supplied
Dead fish have been spotted in Abbey Fields lake in Kenilworth this week. Photo supplied

Yesterday (Thursday), The Kenilworth Weekly News and The Courier ran a story about steps being taken to try and help the fish in the lake after many were found dead earlier in the week.

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Steps to be taken at Kenilworth's Abbey Fields lake after reports of dead fish

The lake is facing problems due to the hot temperatures, which is resulting in decreasing water levels.

Warwick District Council said it was stepping in to add water from the mains and hoped to increase the supply over the coming days. However, the council have now been told by Severn Trent to stop this because of ‘the impact on the regional network’.

A spokesperson from Warwick District Council said: “Following on site investigations on Thursday officers from Warwick District Council concluded that it would not be possible to aerate the water using the traditional methods of a water pump as the water levels are too low and significant amount of silt in up to 18 inches of water.

"The council was also advised that relocating fish would be too difficult to carry out due to the lake’s current low level, and the unlikelihood of the fish surviving the journey in the extreme temperatures.

“Therefore, the only remaining action course of action was to add water to the lake from the mains as a temporary measure, which WDC had arranged and installed and was working until Thursday of this week.

“However now due to the impact on the regional network the council has been instructed by Severn Trent that this must now cease.

“Throughout this time Warwick District Council has been in close communication with our partners at the Environment Agency, Severn Trent and Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service, Local Angling club, have explored every option available to us to try and save the fish.

"However due to the continued hot, dry weather there will inevitably sadly be more casualties.

"Warwick District Council understands how distressing this situation is for members of the public.

"It has been a very sad few days for council officers and contractors who have been dealing with this incident.

“The Environment Agency are currently working at 150 sites across England who are experiencing similar conditions.”