Creating better signage among ideas for Kenilworth cycling strategy plan

More than 20 people have joined a working group to help develop a cycle strategy for the town of Kenilworth.

Cycle lane
Cycle lane

The Kenilworth Town Council adopted a motion proposed by Cllr Andrew Milton in June to to create cycling strategy for the town.

Cllr Andrew Milton said: “It shows how keen we are to support cycling as a way to improve our environment, reduce congestion and improve air quality. Our aim is to increase the proportion of journeys in Kenilworth made by bike.

Nearly a couple dozen people attended the most recent cycle strategy working group meeting held last week.

Cllr Milton added: "We've been really excited by the response from residents.

"It's a really mixed group with people new to cycling as well as experienced cyclists taking part. Getting residents involved has been key. They have so much diverse experience of cycling in Kenilworth and have come up with some fantastic ideas which we're now using to turn into our draft strategy."

The cycle strategy working group has now held two meetings and has come with up several key points to the strategy, which include: joining up cycle routes around the town to create a better network of routes, creating better signage for cyclists and other road users to improve safety on the roads and holding cycle-related events in Kenilworth to promote the town and to encourage more people to get on their bikes.

Cllr Milton added: "Getting residents involved has really helped to show the potential that's out there. It's up to us to create the environment where people feel that they can take ideas forward and get the whole community involved. The new Cycle Bus to St Augustine's School is a great example of this."

For more information on the cycle strategy group people can contact Cllr Andrew Milton through his email at [email protected]

Adam Tranter who has been an active member of the group and started the new Cycle Bus initiative, said: “We’re really pleased as residents with the Kenilworth Town Council’s new cycling strategy group.

"Our councils have declared a climate change emergency and making it easier and more attractive to cycle is a very sensible and cost-effective strategy to reduce carbon emissions.

"In October, my wife and I created Warwickshire’s first school cycle bus and had immense support from local councillors. Cycling can really help bring the community together.”