Dig out your double denim and meet us down the pub - we think it might be 1979 again in Rugby

You might think we’ve lost the plot, but bear with us...

It's 1979 again - and this terrible Photoshop job is proof.
It's 1979 again - and this terrible Photoshop job is proof.

Sunday, May 22, bikers roar through the town centre, rock bands attract vast audiences by the clock tower, there's a cool dude in a souped-up, bronze MK II Escort on North Street getting a lot of attention and, of course, the bins are piling up due to the strikes.

Rugbeians could be forgiven for wondering if our town might have somehow been transported back to the seventies.

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The Advertiser, always in touch with reality, certainly finds itself wondering if it might have been in an accident and we’re now in some sort of Life on Mars scenario – a halfway to heaven where modernised, post-Leveson local reporters have to be taught to write brash headlines, quaff a million pints a day and chain smoke before we’re allowed to go ‘to the light’.

The cataclysmically brilliant display of ‘70s bikes and cars, the rock and community spirit yesterday certainly made it feel that way – but we have to be sensible.

It was Bikefest, after all, just an event.

And bin strikes are not exclusive to the seventies – Coventry’s been having its own since January.

So the calm came back. It’s still 2022, everything is fine.

But this morning the thought came back.

On a trip to the supermarket the Advertiser spotted a man in double demin – a long-extinct fashion statement that hasn’t been seen since Thatcher was at large.

Then, the bins at the back of the car park – they were so full – desperate staff had even recruited trollies in an effort to increase capacity – but all to no avail.

And the obnoxious fuel prices – almost taunting motorists.

So we’re sorry to say that, on reviewing all the evidence, it is clear Rugby is now in 1979.

So reset your calendars, do ridiculous things to your hair, get down the pub and enjoy the ride.