Does spring cleaning your house bore you? Imagine having to deal with 6,500 sq m at Warwick Castle

Staff at Warwick Castle are undertaking the mammoth task of spring cleaning the 1,100-year-old castle.

While most of us only ever have to tackle our own homes, the team at Warwick Castle have more than 6,500 sq m across 25 rooms to clean, from the State Rooms and Tower Suites to the grand Great Hall of the Castle.

The deep clean is expected to take the conservation team 240 hours over six to eight weeks, meticulously moving through each room of the main Castle.

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On average, each room takes the team two days to complete, and involves a careful process of vacuuming tapestries and furniture, wiping down and waxing woodwork, and gentle handling of the displays of medieval weaponry and history of the Castle.

Warwick Castle. Photo submitted by Warwick Castle

Val Goldman, conservation supervisor at Warwick Castle said: “While the Castle is cleaned on a regular basis, every year we give the entire Castle a deep spring clean and spend time going over every corner, cubby hole and crossbow.

"It is a huge undertaking but helps keep the intricate tapestries, woodwork and of course splendid suits of armour looking their best for everyone to enjoy.

As you can imagine, with so many people moving through it every day and so many little nooks and crannies for dirt and dust to settle in, it is quite the undertaking but we’re slowly getting there and are about two-thirds of the way through.”

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