Dunchurch Scouts to brave sponsored sleepout in fundraiser for Rugby's homeless

The sleepout takes place later this month
The Dunchurch Scouts.The Dunchurch Scouts.
The Dunchurch Scouts.

The 1st Dunchurch Scouts are set to brave a sleepout in the centre of the village in an effort raise funds for a Rugby charity which supports the homeless.

The scouts are quite accustomed to camping - but in this instance they will not be using tents or have access to the usual luxuries.

Sleeping bags alone will provide the shelter for the boys and girls, aged between 9 and 14, when they camp out on The Green on March 25.

The sleepout will raise funds for Rugby's Hope 4 Rugby.

The scouts said they are looking forward to the event.

Scout Edward said: “It might be fun as a one-off, but I wouldn’t want to do it every night”.

Alice said: “The Scout motto is ‘Be Prepared’, so even if it’s cold, it won’t break our spirits”.

Ahead of their challenge the scouts have been learning about the issues that cause homelessness from Hope 4 Rugby Centre manager Adi Robinson.

He said: “It’s incredible that the Dunchurch Scouts want to contribute to helping homeless people.

"Sleeping out in the open for one night will give them a taste of what it’s like to be homeless.

"I suggested they think about what it would be like if they had to sleep out every night.

"It’s really important that young people know about the homeless situation and this is a very positive event to support the community."

The group will be supported on the night by adult helpers.

Scout leader Anita Ward said: “The Scouts are really interested in the issues and also concerned about why people become homeless in our modern world.

"They’re really keen to do what they can to help and this won’t be an easy challenge, spending the night in sleeping bags and on cardboard without proper shelter or comforts.

"They’re aiming to raise lots of money for Hope 4 Rugby."

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