Exceedingly handsome (but very nervous) Rugby cat needs a special home - can you help?

Bob is looking for a patient and caring home

Bob the cat. Photo: Rugby Cats Protection, Facebook.

An exceedingly handsome Rugby cat is looking for a new home where a preferably experienced owner can give him the time and patience he needs to be comfortable.

Rugby Cats Protection have been looking after Bob for two months and, although he can be quite defensive, they found that over time his trainer has been able to build a relationship with him.

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Volunteers believe that Bob was abandoned by his previous owner, and they are unsure how long he was living as a stray - but he arrived with hair so heavily matted that he needed a trim to be comfortable.

Because of his nerves, Bob's new home will ideally not have children or other pets present - and the owner will have lots patience with him.

Bob is around three of four years old, has medium hair and does likes to go outside.

A spokesperson for Rugby Cats Protection explained: "We are looking for a very special home for Bob where he will be given time and patience with no expectations.

"Bob can be a little bit hissy at times but this seems to be defensive rather than aggressive.

"He is nervous around people that he doesn't know, but once he gets to know you he gradually starts to let his guard down.

"He has been in our care now for a couple of months and our fosterer has slowly been able to build his trust to the point that he now fusses around her.

"With that said, Bob will need a lot of patience, space and time.

"We are looking to find Bob a quiet home and preferably with experienced owners who understand how important it is to let cats like Bob find their feet and adjust in their own time.

"This is likely to be a very slow journey and whilst we can't promise that he will ever be a lap-cat we feel that his trust will develop over time and then his new owners will be rewarded with a lovely companion.

"Bob must be rehomed to an adult-only household with no other cats."

Visit www.cats.org.uk/rugby/adopt-a-cat?cid=322091 to make ask about Bob.

To help volunteers, please provide as much information as you can about yourself, your family and your home where it pertains to owning a cat.

You can keep up with updates from Rugby Cats Protection, including missing cat alerts, by visiting: www.facebook.com/RugbyCatsProtection