Family's shock after Tom Cruise makes an unexpected landing in their garden near Coventry Airport

He offered the family a helicopter ride to say thank you

Tom Cruise has been spotted in locations across the country filming the new Mission Impossible. Photo by SWNS.

Hollywood star Tom Cruise gave a family in Baginton an experience they will never forget.

The actor, currently filming the latest Mission: Impossible film, landed by helicopter in Alison Webb's Warwickshire garden.

The reason for his unexpected visit was that he needed somewhere to land as the nearby airport was shut.

The family were only told that a VIP needed to land in their garden - and they were amazed when it turned out to be Tom Cruise!

He posed for photos and then gave the family a free helicopter ride as a way of saying thank you.

Ms Webb told the BBC: "It turned out to be an incredible day.

"It was surreal, I still now can't believe it happened."