Fine artist and rail enthusiast creates fantasy scenario of when the City of Birmingham came to Leamington

Kevin Parrish wants the locomotive - which is one of only three surviving members of the Coronation Class - to be out on the rail network touring the country

City of Birmingham (no 46235) comes to Leamington by Kevin Parrish..

Fine artist and rail enthusiast Kevin Parrish has created this stunning 'fantasy' oil painting of The City of Birmingham no 46235 locomotive at Leamington Station in his home town.

It is depicted in Kevin's painting at night visiting the station after recent rain.

The Citiy of Birmingham is one of three surviving members of the Coronation Class.

The other two are The Duchess of Hamilton and The Duchess of Sutherland which are working in preservation around the country.

Kevin’s initial inspiration for the painting began by his feeling that this 'beautiful' locomotive should really be out on the rail network touring the country and working as part of steam railway preservation and enjoyed by steam enthusiasts.

At present it is in static display at the Thinktank science museum in Birmingham but when Kevin went to see it there at the turn of the century he was somewhat disappointed to see that the loco looked crowded out by other exhibits in too close proximity to it.

Kevin, a volunteer for the Friends of Leamington Station, said: "She seemed lost and forgotten and there was hardly a soul there at the time in the Museum to witness her beauty."

As a full member of The Guild of Railway Artists, Kevin has been exhibiting his railway art alongside other railway artists at the Kidderminster Railway Museum annually during August and September.

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