Flags flying at half mast in tribute to Whitnash councillor and former mayor Councillor Tony Heath

Whitnash Town Council has announced the news about Cllr Heath's death on its Facebook page

Cllr Tony Heath at the Whitash Mayor Making in 2017.

Flags are being flown at half mast in tribute to former Whitnash mayor Councillor Tony Heath.

Whitnash Town Council has announced the death of Cllr Heath, who has passed away after a period of illness.

The town council hs said: "Cllr Heath has been at the centre of Whitnash local politics, and indeed Warwick District Council politics, for many years.

"More recently he has served as Deputy Chairman of Warwick District Council, and was heavily involved in the development of the new Whitnash Civic Centre and Library project.

"In honour of Cllr Heath, Warwick District Council has been flying the flag over the town hall at half mast, as has Whitnash Town Council over Chapel Green by the Plough and Harrow.

"The councillors, former councillors, and staff of Whitnash Town Council, and everyone who has known and worked with Tony over the years, send their deepest sympathies to his family at this very sad time.

"Cllr Heath will be sorely missed.

"Rest in peace."