"Football will be played at our ground again next season": Warwick club's defiant message after travellers are evicted

Central Ajax FC has been left counting the cost of repairs after a large group of travellers had camped at the club's Hampton Road ground over the weekend but the cleanup ad repair operation is already underway

Travellers set up an illegal camp at Central Ajax FC's Ajax Park ground in Hampton Road, Warwick, over the weekend. They have since been evicted from the site but the club is now counting the cost of ground repairs as a result of the damage caused to some of its football pitches,

Teams will play again at a Warwick football club's ground after a large group of travellers had set up an illegal camp there over the weekend.

The group of about 28 families were evicted from Central Ajax's ground, Ajax Park in Hamtpon Road, yesterday after police had served a Section 61 notice on them on Monday afternoon.

But some of the club's football pitches have been damaged by vehicles and caravans having been driven and towed on them and the travellers have left human and dog faeces and piles of rubbish behind.

No equipment or ground maintenance machinery has been stolen and the club house has been untouched but, worryingly, an attempt was made to get to the club's defibrillator by prizing its case open with a metal bar.

A representative from Central Ajax, who asked to remain anonymous, said: "We thought we could be in dire straights a few days ago.

"Its not that bad but it's not good either.

"Because this affects the community Warwick District Council has said it will cover the cost of the environmental clean-up and send a team out.

"The council has been excellent and so were the police.

"We won't know the cost of the pitch repairs until our contractor visits the site once it is cleaned up.

"We are hoping to have teams back at the ground to resume pre-season training in the next fortnight.

"But one thing that is is certain is, Central Ajax will be open again soon and football will be played at the ground next season."

Travellers last got on to and set up a camp at Ajax Park four years ago and since then the club, which is run as a non-profit business, has improved its security and invested £30,000 on drainage works to ensure the quality of its football pitches.

The club is currently in discussions with the district council about applying for a grant for further ground improvements which could include beefing us security even further.

It's two mens teams start their season in mid-August and the season starts for the junior sides in early September.