Former Kenilworth pupils and staff gather for reunion ahead of the site being demolished

Around 120 former pupils and staff members attended the tour

The reunion event started with a tour of the Kenilworth School premises in Rouncil Lane, which was formerly called Castle High School. Photo supplied
The reunion event started with a tour of the Kenilworth School premises in Rouncil Lane, which was formerly called Castle High School. Photo supplied

Former pupils and staff of a school in Kenilworth reunited last week ahead of the school site being demolished.

The reunion was held on May 20 and was attended by the former pupils of Castle High School in Rouncil Lane, which was renamed as Kenilworth School in 1990.

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The event was organised by and for the members of the Facebook group, Castle High School, the former pupils and staff.

The evening part of the reunion event was held at Kenilworth Rangers Football Club in Gypsy Lane. Photo supplied

As part of their reunion the former pupils and staff had a tour of the current school premises.

Chris Morley, a former pupil, said: “It was of course a trip down memory lane for 120 of us or so that attended. The feedback I got from most was that apart from various extensions, modernisations and classrooms changes, nothing much was different, and everything was recognisable.

“The reunion was particularly special for us this year, not just as it was the first for three years due to Covid, but because the school building is due to be demolished after the school, known since 1990 as Kenilworth School, Castle Sixth Form, moves in September 2023 to the new site and premises currently being constructed in Glasshouse Lane, Kenilworth.

“So for most of us this was the last time we could ever again get see of the school, and it was a large part of our pasts and growing up in Kenilworth, our families, and our friends.

"The site will be sold, and new housing built in accordance with recent plans.

“Thanks to the current head, Mr Hayden Abbot, for allowing and organising the tour.”

In the evening a social event was held at Kenilworth Rangers Football Club.

Chris added: “This was an evening of chatting, reminiscing and trying to put a name to the face you kind of knew but hadn't seen for 45 years.

“About 200 people were there. Many were there from all different years and classes at the school and l think l would be right in saying everyone had a great time.

"There was also a expertly made delicious cake with the school logo and badge on it.

“A big thank you to the football club for hosting us. Also a very special thanks to Sue Mahady for all her hard work and time spent organising the evening for our Facebook group.”

Castle High School opened newly built in Rouncil Lane in 1961. The school had already been established a few years earlier, know firstly for a while as Castle End High School and was located for a few years at St Nicholas School, The Blundells, Priory Road.

Plans were underway to restructure Kenilworth schooling in line with government education changes and the vast increase increase in local population as the town grew.

As well as primary schools, three new major secondary schools were being built for us, Castle High school, Abbey High School, and Kenilworth Grammer.

The school ran until 1990, but remained open and become part of what is now called Kenilworth School and Sixth Form.