Gritters could be set to return to Warwickshire’s roads this week - here's why

Warwickshire County Council’s gritters may be making a surprise return to the county’s roads this week.

The culprit that has triggered Warwickshire’s fleet of gritters being on standby is not the white stuff but, in fact, the exact opposite.

Warwickshire’s gritters are poised ready to address the risks to carriageways posed by the predicted heatwave expected over the weekend and into next week.

According to the council, when road surface temperatures exceeds 50 degrees centigrade, they will begin to melt, causing damage.

This week may see a return to our roads for Warwickshire County Council’s fleet of gritters. Photo by Warwickshire County Council

It also adds that well-used routes can begin to suffer when the air temperature reaches around 30 degrees centigrade, meaning the prolonged temperatures above this will lead to challenges.

To combat the effect on the highways, Warwickshire’s gritters are on standby to spread a light-dustings of stone dust to soak up excess tar and minimise chances of road surfaces melting by reflecting a larger amount of the sun’s rays.

Cllr Wallace Redford, Warwickshire County Council portfolio holder for transport and planning, said: “Many residents may be surprised to see them out at the height of summer, but their work at this time of year, preventing costly damage to the roads of Warwickshire is no less important than their cold-weather work and all contributes to ensuring our residents are supported through excellent transport infrastructure.”

Stone dust being used on roads will be accompanied by roadside signage to make motorists aware.

While road temperatures will be monitored by Warwickshire County Council over the coming days, residents are urged to play their part by reporting any issues on the website: