Group that promotes music events across Warwick, Leamington and Kenilworth celebrating 25 years of its event diary with a new season of concerts

The autumn diary is now being distributed

Some of the Steering Group of Warwick District Music Promoters Forum stuffing envelopes in preparation for the mailing out of the Autumn 2021 issue of Music To Your Ears. Photo supplied

A group that promotes music events across the Warwick district is celebrating 25 years of its event diary with a new season of concerts.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the music diary Music To Your Ears.

The diary is created by the Steering Group of Warwick District Music Promoters Forum and they are now able to produce a full printed diary after a long gap due to Covid.

After a few false starts with numerous concerts cancelled or postponed since March 2020, people are once again attending live musical events.

A spokesperson from the Forum said: "After such a long time when only a few concerts were able to take place with some streamed online and, unfortunately, many cancelled or postponed during various lockdowns due to the Covid pandemic, it was a joy to be able to collate numerous entries and produce printed diaries again after a gap of more than 18 months."

The Forum was first formed at the end of 1995 when Jeff Watkin of the Leamington library and amenities department invited representatives from local choirs and orchestras to a meeting to try to set up a diary to reduce the clashing of both programmes and dates of concerts.

A steering group was created and started to organise the diary and a list of events soon followed, which were published in a diary called Music To Your Ears.

8,000 copies are distributed locally with 200 on a postal mailing list and another 300 on an email list.

There are about 100 music societies in the Forum.

Three issues are produced each year - spring covering January - mid May, summer covering May - mid September and autumn covering September - mid January.

The spokesperson added: "It is a tremendous help in publicising musical events enabling promoters to make known their concerts and assisting regular concert goers and visitors to exercise their wish to listen to beautiful live music.

"The Forum was initially entirely funded by Warwick District Council but the only income now is that received from promoters by submitting entries into MTYE."

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