Hampton Magna children sell their unwanted toys to help a cause close to their family's hearts

They held their stall all day and spent time restocking and talking to visitors

Two children from Hampton Magna recently held a tabletop sale to help raise money for a cause close to their family's hearts.

Step sisters Edith Fry, aged eight, and Evie Merritt aged seven, held a stall selling theirs and their brothers’ unwanted toys and games to raise money for Unique, which is a charity that supports families of children with chromosome disorders.

They managed to raise £200 throughout the day.

Edith Fry and Evie Merritt at their stall. Photo supplied
Edith Fry and Evie Merritt at their stall. Photo supplied
Edith Fry and Evie Merritt at their stall. Photo supplied

Unique has a special place in Edith's and Evie's family's hearts because Evie has a rare chromosome disorder.

Speaking about the sale, Edith said: "It made me feel good because we raised money for the charity and because Evie has the disorder we were raising money for her disorder and other children like her.”

Kim Merritt, Evie's mum and Edith's step mum, said: "We cannot describe how immensely proud we both are of the girls.

"They were outside from 10.30am until 5.30pm. They changed the display, restocked, chatted to visitors and were just incredible.

"Their generosity and care for others shone through and everyone in the village who donated were so supportive and complimentary of their efforts.

"The charity Unique is very close to our hearts as we live with the complexities of rare chromosome disorders everyday.

"Evie has a rare chromosome disorder known as 16p.11.2 microdeletion.

"It affects many aspects of her development including her speech and understanding, her mobility, her gross and fine motor skills and her self-care independence.

"She has many sensory difficulties that you would associate with Autism Spectrum Disorder and she struggles with processing information and controlling her behaviour/emotions when she becomes overloaded.

"It is really important to say that despite these difficulties Evie is a happy, caring and determined little girl. She works so hard to overcome her struggles and does not give up.

"There is very little information out there for families and the charity do amazing work to research several disorders and support families, both in the UK and worldwide, who have them.

"My partner Mark and I also did a fundraiser in the summer raising £2,500 for the charity by completing a 40mile walk in one day.

"I am also participating in research projects in order that we can better understand the effects of the microdeletion."