Hillmorton remembers the fallen with parade to village memorial and heartfelt ceremony

It is now 100 years since foundations for the village's war memorial were laid

Photo by Patrick Joyce.

The British Legion and a large crowd of on-lookers took to the streets of Hillmorton on Sunday to mark Remembrance Day and to witness the annual parade from Featherbed Lane to the village war memorial.

Service veterans, many in uniform and some displaying campaign medals, were joined by cadets, youth organisations and members of the public.

Chairperson of the Hillmorton branch, Kathryn Lawrence, who, earlier this year laid a wreath to mark the centenary of the Royal British Legion, said: "It is important that we remember those who have been affected by conflict.

Photo by Patrick Joyce.

"One hundred years have passed, since the foundations of this war memorial were laid.

"We, the Hillmorton Branch of the Royal British Legion, are custodians of a very precious tradition. Let us continue to remember, lest we forget."

The outdoor church service was conducted by Revd Margaret Simmons and Revd Steve Gold from Saint John the Baptist Church.

Bible readings were read by Steve Cort, from St George’s.

Photo by Patrick Joyce.

Revd Steve Gold reflected on the one hundred years since the village war memorial was constructed.

He said: ‘"During those one hundred years, only two have passed without recording the death of British service personnel in action."

Christine Herrington, also from Saint John the Baptist, recalled her war time childhood.

She said: "Young people of today should be reminded of the tragedy of war. Growing up during a time of conflict, as I did, makes you want to strive for peace."

Photo by Patrick Joyce.
Photo by Patrick Joyce.