Hope that Gay Pride flag will fly at Kenilworth town council headquarters on annual basis every summer

Town councilors are hoping the raising of the flag at Jubilee House to celebrate Gay Pride month in June will become a regular feature of Kenilworth's social and commemorative diary

Kenilworth councillors and townspeople have marked Gay Pride Month by raising the internationally known flag to mark the event and are hoping this will now become an annual feature of the town's social and commemorative diary.

In early June, Radio Abbey DJ Clive Bruder contacted Green Party member Cllr Alison Firth to see if the Gay Pride flag could be raised in the town centre in what ended up being a first for Kenilworth.

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The hope is, now, that the flag can be raised during Gay Pride Month in June every year from here on out.

The raising of the Gay Pride flag at Jubilee House in Kenilworth in June.

Cllr Firth said: "For me personally this is all about celebrating, valuing and encouraging diversity… and allowing people to be who they feel they are individually, sexually and romantically because for many the idea of marrying someone of the opposite sex and having a traditional marriage with children is a concept which really doesn’t appeal and so they may find themselves feeling left out of society.

"I feel it is important to make diversity “normal” and to celebrate it, welcome it and how it is an opportunity to grow and expand our collective psyche as human organisms. We really are evolving as a species all the time… not just technologically but psychologically as our brains evolve to consider different ways of viewing our individual, sexual and emotional presence on this earth.

"This year is the first year that Kenilworth has erected a flag to celebrate gay pride and this is thanks to the quick thinking of our wonderful town clerk, Maggie Field, and the agreement of our town council party leaders.

"Our biggest thanks though goes to Clive for bringing this important celebration to our attention

"We all hope that this [the raising and flying of the flag] will continue to be a regular feature in Kenilworth’s social and commemorative diary."