HS2 hopes to reopen main road between Leamington and Southam in August - after it originally announced a lengthy delay

Part of the the A425 in Southam has been closed since late October 2020 but was due to reopen in July of this year before the high-speed rail company initially announced there would be a delay of about ten months to the completion of the work

The A425 near Southam.

HS2 is hoping to go back to its 'original plan' by reopening a section of the main road between Leamington and Southam - as it had first said it would be, before announcing a lengthy delay to the work.

As part of works to excavate a 15-metre deep trench and construct the ‘cut-and-cover’ section of the Long Itchington Wood Tunnel, HS2 closed a section of the A425 Leamington Road near Southam in October 2020.

The high-speed rail company had planned to reopen the section of the road in July but then announced in April this year that the work could take another 12 months from then to be completed.

However, HS2 has now said it hopes to finish the work in August, a month or so later than first planned.

HS2 has said "A significant amount of progress has been made at the site, enabling the road to be re-opened this Summer as originally


"Belfor Beatty Vinci (BBV) will continue to work in the area and during 2022 will create a temporary diversion road around the site of the Long Itchington Wood tunnel south portal.

"The diversion road will allow BBV to complete the construction of the remainder of the ‘cut-and-cover’ section of the tunnel that will sit under the A425.

"Our target is to re-open the A425 by early August subject to the receipt of necessary consents, and we will confirm a specific reopening date in July."