'I want to thank the three amazing angels who helped my husband after he collapsed in Leamington town centre'

If you know how they are, Jeni wants to pass on her thanks to them

In these hard times, we are delighted to publish stories that warm the heart.

And when reader Jeni Lord contacted us with this letter, we were happy to help her say 'thank you'.

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Three people passing by stopped to help after her husband, Arthur, collapsed in Bedford Street yesterday (Tuesday November 24).

The three 'angels' cam to the rescue in Bedford Street.

They stayed with him until he was well enough to get up again.

Jeni wanted us to pass on her thanks through the Courier and Weekly News, adding: "I wanted, in some way, to express my thanks for those three lovely people, without whom I could not have coped.

"In the Courier and Weekly News there is hope that the message might be seen by them or by someone they might have told about the incident.

"My husband seems to have had no ill effects since returning home."

If you were one of the three people who stopped to help, feel free (if you wish) to email [email protected] and we can pass on a message to Jeni directly.

Here is her letter in full:

I would like to thank the three pre-Christmas 'Angels' - publicly - for helping me in Upper Bedford Street on Tuesday afternoon, November 24.

When my husband collapsed they did not hesitate to assist notwithstanding the ever-present world wide virus.

They stayed until my husband was able to get into our car, which was parked close by, supporting him on either side.

So a very big 'thank you' to Rita, John and Arthur - also my husband's name!

Jeni Lord

Via email