Kenilworth ford closure among county roads impacted by flooding

Numerous roads have been left flooded from the heavy wind and rain brought by storm Dennis.

The road at the ford in Kenilworth has been closed to motorists again due to flooding.

The Kenilworth Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) with Warwickshire Police suggests motorists not drive through flooded roads.

The Kenilworth SNT took to Facebook to warn area residents and said: "Kenilworth Ford is flooded and consequently the road is CLOSED. Please do not attempt to go through the water as it UNSAFE and most breakdown services will not recover vehicles from flooded areas."

The government has issued 19 flood warnings and 33 flood alerts for areas across Warwickshire.

The Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service has also encouraged motorists to avoid driving through flooded roads.

The fire service also took to social media to warn motorists and said: "Many roads are impassable already and we are starting to get busy with calls. Remember just 30 cms of flowing water is enough to move your car putting you and anyone else as passengers in danger.

"Only call the fire service to report fallen trees and hazards if they are presenting an immediate danger. Otherwise please direct your calls to the Highway’s agency or Police force.

Road closed after the ford has flooded in Kenilworth (photo from Kenilworth SNT Facebook)

"Remember to keep safe by driving at suitable speeds for the road conditions and check your lights, wipers and car is ready for a journey in poor weather conditions."

Flood ford in Kenilworth (picture from Kenilworth SNT Facebook)
Flood at the ford in Kenilworth (photo by Rob Stanton)