Leamington author releases his first children's book - which will kick-start his new series of children's adventures

His new book records the adventures of Jake and his trusty companion, Peggy, a five-year-old Irish wolfhound

Henry R French

A Leamington author has released his first series of children's books.

Henry R French’s book, Beachcomber, kicks off a series of children’s adventures for seven-to-eleven-year-olds about Jake, a ten-year-old lad from West Cumbria, and his trusty companion, Peggy, a five-year-old Irish wolfhound.

In his first book, Jake and Peggy stumble across a scary find while out walking near his family’s coastal cottage - something which attracts attention from some bigger boys who unwittingly threaten disaster.

Henry R French

Born in 1961, Henry R French is the fifth of seven children and trained as a car mechanic in south London, where he is from.

He moved to Leamington and learned how to design cars. He’s since had careers as a barman, a chartered engineer, a motoring journalist a learning mentor - and now a children’s author.

After many years developing his craft as a hobby, Beachcomber, his first foray as a professional children’s author, starts an adventure series for young readers.

Henry said that having raised his own family, he’s never forgotten fond family times, many inspiring his creative writing.

You can buy the book at https://henryrfrench.ampbk.comIt is also available from Amazon, Waterstones and other bookshops - https://www.waterstones.com/book/beachcomber/henry-r-french/9781398412644