Leamington chef creates 'culinary artworks' for launch of new Alexander McQueen clothing collection

Richard Bramble walked away from commercial kitchens to start up his own private dining business during lockdown

Leamington chef Richard Bramble of Bramble Dining.
Leamington chef Richard Bramble of Bramble Dining.

A Leamington chef, who walked away from commercial kitchens to launch his private dining business in lockdown, is celebrating his latest collaboration - with an international luxury clothing brand.

Richard Bramble, of Bramble Dining, was given the task of creating 'culinary artworks' to complement fashion house Alexander McQueen's SS22 Spring/Summer range, which was launched recently at its main store in Old Bond Street, London.

Richard also worked with Cotswolds company Liquid Spirit Events to create cocktails and mocktails for the event to accompany the canapes.

Some of the canapes Richard created for the launch of fashion house Alexander McQueen's new SS22 spring/summer range.

Richard’s sweet and savoury recipes, which were perfected over several weeks, will now also be replicated at Alexander McQueen launch events and fashion shows by chefs across the globe, including Europe, China and the US.

Said: “You can imagine our excitement when we were contacted by Alexander McQueen.

"They asked us to create canapes and cocktails to match the colours of the sky and the London skyline.

“Obviously we are extremely proud to be working with a company of this calibre. It is a huge boost to our independent business to have such world-renowned companies that want to collaborate with us.”

He added: “As a chef it is a huge privilege that my canape creations are being replicated around the world by other chefs for each launch event this Spring and Summer.

"It has been a fabulous opportunity for us to showcase Bramble Dining, where we are already breaking through as a new catering company in London.”