Leamington community unites to buy essential ambulances for use in Ukraine

Over the past few months, we have been covering the amazing fundraising for Ukraine by the Polish Centre and the wider Leamington community. This week, David Harrop updates us on the ambulances that the centre has bought - and how you can help.

The Polish Centre has bought two ambulances for use in Ukraine
The Polish Centre has bought two ambulances for use in Ukraine

The Polish Centre buys essential ambulances for use in UkraineBy David Harrop

Inspired by the achievements of a 23-year-old Glasgow student, Umran Ali Javiad, who drove an ambulance to the Polish border, Dawid Kozlowski of The Polish Centre was made aware of sisters in Ukraine who needed an ambulance to replace the 50-year-old ambulance they were using.

Turn the clock forward a few months and Dawid, plus three directors of Euro Car Parts, will be driving two ambulances to the Polish border on August 1 for use in war torn Ukraine.

The Polish Centre has bought two ambulances for use in Ukraine

The funding and administration of this wonderful humanitarian achievement has been made possible by Dawid and the directors of Euro Car Parts. They have had open collections across all ECP branches to support the ambulance initiative, they will also provide insurance for the ambulances, cover fuel costs and accommodation for the trip to the Polish border.

Other funding was obtained by an event held at St Peter’s Church on April 30 raising over £800. The Churches of Arden donated £5,000 and many companies and individuals donated via the Polish Centre go-fund me page. £19,700 has been spent to cover the cost of the ambulances.

The two ambulances, one purchased in Tipton and the other in Manchester, were inspected and chosen by an internal team of ECP and Halfords provided a free full service for them.

A special presentation and ecumenical blessing for the ambulances will be held outside Leamington Town Hall on Saturday July 30 at 12pm. The ambulances will be there from 11am to 5pm for everyone to view.

People will be able to buy gifts and make donations for the Polish Centre’s other activities in Ukraine.

On August 1 at 6am the ambulances will leave Leamington for the Polish Ukrainian border. On the journey medical and other essential supplies will be given to a care home in Brzuchowice before arriving in Konin where a garage will convert them to left hand drive.

Finally the ambulances will be delivered by LQK Elit in Poland, a sister company to ECP, to the Ukrainian border. The whole process will take three weeks.

The wonderful humanitarian contributions The Polish Centre are giving to Ukraine are regularly updated on it’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PolishcentreLeamington

There is also an online fundraising page to buy ambulances which can be visited here https://bit.ly/39cVI63