Leamington MP backs campaign against 'toxic' roadworks which are causing major concern for residents and motorists in the town

Campaigners are demanding action "to stop the misery" the works are causing

The roadworks at Princes Drive in Leamington.
The roadworks at Princes Drive in Leamington.

Leamington MP Matt Western has given his support to campaigners against the "toxic" roadworks which are causing misery to residents and motorists in the town.

A clockwise one-way system around Princes Drive has been in operation since early January and will remain in place until the end of March while work is carried out on a railway bridge over the road.

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Motorists have complained about this adding up to 40 minutes to their regular journeys and those living near the works are concerned with the "long slow snarling polluting traffic queues" they are causing.

The roadworks at Princes Drive in Leamington.

One of the campaigners Dr Simon Sparrow said: "There is no doubt that these toxic roadworks are causing an absolute nightmare for road users, residents and workers in the affected areas.

"These toxic roadworks have probably negatively encroached on the life of every Leamington resident from the extra pollution floating around The Parade to the knock-on slower traffic on all the roads around the area.

"One way or another these toxic roadworks are damaging the quality of people’s lives."

The group has contacted Mr Western along with authorities Warwick District Council and Warwickshire County Council to raise concerns.

CGI of how the bridge will look once the works are completed.

Mr Western said: "Like so many residents, I have been frustrated by the disruption in Warwick and Leamington caused by roadworks on the A452 on Avenue Road down to Princes Drive.

“What residents don’t understand - as I don’t - is why this has been left to the 11th hour!

“We’ve had two years of the pandemic with quieter roads yet the Warwickshire County Council has left it to the last minute to do these works, ahead of the Commonwealth Games - leaving the public - and vehicles - fuming.

“I wrote to the county council asking if alternatives had been considered to reduce the massive inconvenience the roadworks have caused – and whether the scale of disruption was anticipated.

“Fears about pollution, blockages for emergency service vehicles and traffic that, at times, has paralysed our town centre are understandable and well founded.”

Warwick District Council leader Cllr Andrew Day has also responded to the concerns.

He said that while he sympathises with those the roadworks are affecting but also warned of the effect other works taking place nearby would have on residents.

In a response to one resident's email, Cllr Day said: "I appreciate the frustration that these planned works to the Princes Drive Railway Bridge are causing, which are in fact costing £750,000 to complete.

"I'm mindful too that the programme is not only creating traffic congestion, but also disrupting the mainline train service to and from Leamington.

"The road closure is necessary to undertake essential maintenance to the structure of the bridge and the railway lines.

"The painting of the bridge has been scheduled to be done at the same time as this essential Network Rail maintenance, avoiding any additional road closures and further disruption.

"You may not be aware too, that (this week) work starts on the renewal of the Leamington Station forecourt, which will no doubt cause further inconvenience for rail users.

"This programme is due to be completed by the end of June, ahead of the Commonwealth Games which starts in the last week of July."