Leamington Organ Society will hold its first concert since Covid lockdown to celebrate its 50th anniversary

Expert organ and keyboard players will play at the event at Radford Road church on Tuesday November 30

The late Beryl Smith, who was involved with the Leamington Organ Society from its inception in 1971 up to recently.

Expert musicians will put on a show to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Leamington Organ Society this month.

The Leamington Organ Society was formed in 1971 during the rise in popularity of the home organ and thrived for many years, promoting monthly concerts with professional artists as well as social events where members could entertain each other.

The society was popular well into the 1980s during a time then there was both an organ shop ‘Organ World’ on Smith Street in Warwick and many such instruments also sold at ‘R B Mew Pianos’ in Park Street, Leamington.

Keyboard and vocal couple Mike and Elspeth Sullivan will be performing at the Leamington Organ Society's 50th anniversary concert this month.

R B Mew's proprietor Beryl Mew (later Smith) was involved with the Society since its inception and took over the running of it until she died recently.

Although audience sizes have greatly diminished these days, those that attend the society's concerts are treated to an array of music from current professional keyboard artists.

The music ranges from old standards and light classical, through to modern pop ballads and film / musical scores, touching on everything from big band to Matovani and Andre Reui styles in-between.

Society spokesman Mike Carter said: "The Society meets at Radford Road Church, but this is nothing like a church organ recital.

Michael Carter will be playing at the Leamington Organ Society's 50th anniversary concert this month.

"The modern electronic instruments mimic an entire orchestra control two just two hand and feet of their masters.

"These are musical events for entertainment and enjoyment, showcasing some of the country’s finest exponents of the artform."

The celebration, which will be the Organ Society's first concert since lockdown, will include a performance from one-time participant in the Leamington Society’s young organist competitions, Michael Carter, who will be performing on his latest instrument, imported direct from Yamaha in Japan.

He will be joined by popular keyboard and vocal couple Mike and Elspeth Sullivan.

Michael Carter's organ from Japan.

The event will take place at Radford Road church on Tuesday November 30 from 7.30pm.

The doors will open 30 minutes prior at 7pm for the sale of tickets priced at £10.

For more information, call Laura on 07867 646753, or visit www.organfax.co.uk/clubs/leamington/