Leamington resident 'at the end of her tether' after facing months of car park 'joy riders'

She says she has contacted the council and the police several times about the issue

A Leamington resident says she is at the end of her tether after months of having 'joy riders' making noise in a nearby car park.

Denise Carro, who has lived at the top of Tavistock Street for 13 years, says she has been facing sleepless nights because of the noise coming from the Covent Garden multi-storey car park.

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She said: "It is an absolute nightmare.

Denise Carro with the Covent Garden car park in the background.

"Ever since the council took the barriers down at the car park, every night joy riders go round and round all night.

"The backfiring from their cars makes you shake.

"It started with two cars and you are just getting more and more and they are playing really loud music all night and they pip and backfire.

"Friday and Saturday nights are the worst.

Covent Garden car park in Leamington

"I have tried earplugs but I still hear them - I don't get any sleep.

"I live by the nightclub Smack but I knew that when we moved in. You would think it would be lovely and quiet because of corona and the nightclub not being able to open but it's not.

"I would rather have the nightclub open than have the joy riders - they can be there until gone 12.30am to 2am.

"Even the homeless come out because they can't stand the noise.

"It makes me want to move."

Denise said that she has contacted Warwick District Council and Warwickshire Police several times about the issue but says nothing has been done.

"The council didn't want to know and I phone the police all the time.

"The council fobbed me off and said they are not going to put the barriers back up. I did point out them so you can't skateboard in the car park but you can go joy riding around it.

"I am disappointed in the council - all they have to do is put the barriers back up.

"The police keep saying I need to get licence numbers but I would have to go into the car park to do that and then they are going that quickly you can't even video them.

"Others must hear it too, on the other side of the car park there is an old people's home.

"No one is taking it seriously."

A spokesperson from Warwick District Council said: "Warwick District Council has been made aware of these issues and will be taking measures to improve security on the site.

"We would also encourage the public to report incidents of noise and anti-social behaviour to the police."

Inspector Wayne Boulton from the Warwick district Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “The Safer Neighbourhood Team are aware of reported issues.

“We are currently in the process of tackling the issue.

“We would recommend that people call 101 and report any incidents.”