Leamington residents report lost post and delays with deliveries connected to the Royal Mail

Some residents have not received parcels they were expecting and others have experienced massively delayed deliveries for important mail

Royal Mail post vans. Stock image.
Royal Mail post vans. Stock image.

Leamington residents have raised grave concerns about the current state of the Royal Mail post service in their area.

Some residents have not received parcels they were expecting and others have experienced massively delayed deliveries for important mail

Several have come forward to share their worries with The Courier.

Steve Turner, who lives in Valley Road, Lillington in the CV32 postcode has emailed The Royal mail to tell the company about the issues he’s has faced dating back to August.

He said: “Four packages addressed to me and sent via Royal Mail, have disappeared and have never been delivered.

"The first, a computer cd, went missing in August, the second two, a Christmas gift and electrical connectors, went missing at the end of September and the recent one, a piece of artwork, went missing a month ago.

“All of these items have come from different parts of the country which means the items have been lost from where they all come together, here in The Midlands.

"I wonder what other mail of mine has been lost, that I do not know of?

"It appears an insurance claim cheque, for a not so inconsiderable amount, may also have been lost too.

"To lose so many items in a short space of time is deplorable and needs addressing at the highest level.”

Other Lillington residents have taken to the Leamington Spa Noticeboard Facebook Group to raise concerns.

It is quite common for people living in the area to have had their mail delivered to the wrong address or received mail intended for a different address.

Alan Orton, who lives in Christine Ledger Square at the opposite end of town, has also been in touch.

He said: “I have had my funeral arrangements go missing, as have some retirement documents along with three Ebay orders which were due over a week ago.

"A book an author sent me for helping him also lost or, more than likely, delivered elsewhere.

"Most likely all of the other stuff has suffered the same fate.

"In the last fortnight I have received just one letter.

“In the spring I suffered something very similar - scanned deliveries were scanned but delivered elsewhere, signed for deliveries just posted in the letterbox, often I would find bulkier post stuck in the letterbox for next door, nobody has lived there for two years or more so it's anybody's guess what lies behind that door.

"Often, I get post that’s not mine but for addresses up to half a mile away for which I then do an unpaid postman's job and deliver it for them.

“It's pointless complaining, the postman just shrugs his shoulders - he doesn't care, his bosses have no control over them that's left to their left-wing union and to really rub salt in the wounds they want a pay rise?

"Seems to me the only time you can rely on them is when they are on strike.”

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We have approached The Royal Mail for a comment.

Meanwhile CWU members within the service are taking national strike action on November 24, 25 and 30 November and December 1.

For more information on the strikes visit https://www.royalmail.com/latest-news