'Lockdown is rubbish, but you can find a silver lining': Leamington dancer launches her own company after losing her job during the pandemic

Dancer turned entrepreneur Becky Knight.Dancer turned entrepreneur Becky Knight.
Dancer turned entrepreneur Becky Knight.
Entrepreneur Becky Knight is one of many people who have had to re-invent her own routine in these difficult times, writes Oliver Watson

A dancer from Leamington has quick-stepped into starting her own company after losing her job as a choreographer due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Becky Knight, 24, has re-invented her routine to create Nirvana Events, which caters for everything from weddings to birthdays.

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Having saved up enough by working part-time jobs while studying for GCSEs and A levels, Becky enrolled at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds and graduated with a first class Honours degree.

It was here that she gained an apprenticeship and dedicated herself to working freelance, travelling all over the UK, as well as South Korea and Romania.

By early 2020, she had finally been granted a permanent position and was planning to move to Wales for a residency on a show, which she had helped to choreograph.

But lockdown changed everything.

Last year, a report by Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre estimated that 55,000 jobs have been lost in the performing arts industry, with leading figures such as Andrew Lloyd Webber warning that venues remain unviable until the end of social distancing.

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Becky said: "The company were incredibly supportive, but they were hemorrhaging money.

"They kept us on furlough, but when the rules changed so that employers had to contribute towards it, they realised they couldn’t afford to without the income which touring brings.

"There was a long period of time where I was sitting alone thinking ‘What do I do now?’

"I had always been focused on one thing - the dance.

"I thought it [the business] would be a bit of a slow burner but we’re fully booked for the next 12 weeks.

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"I feel as though I’m nourishing that creative side of me, I’m learning as I go.

"My message to people is that lockdown is rubbish, but you can find a silver lining.

"Take a chance on yourself rather than waiting for one to arrive on your doorstep."

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