Measures taken to re-establish wildlife meadow in Warwick park after 'heavy use' and 'cold spring'

The council has put up some fencing around the area

A recent picture of wildflower meadow area in St Nicholas Park in Warwick. Photo by Warwick District Council

Heavy use of a popular Warwick park combined with a cold start to the spring has prompted measures to help re-establish the wildlife meadow.

Warwick District Council said that during the months of lockdown, the area in St Nicholas Park has been trampled by walkers and the low temperatures during April have made it difficult for the plants and flowers to grow.

To give the meadow 'a fighting chance for the summer', the council has temporarily put up two sections of fence to encourage walkers to use the short-mown grass for a short period until the ground recovers.

Coten End Primary School pupils at the launch of the wildflower meadow in 2016. Photo supplied by Warwick District Council

Cllr Alan Rhead, Warwick District Council’s portfolio holder for climate change, said: "We established the wildflower meadow five years ago with the aim of providing nectar and forage for a whole host of insects and wildlife.

"We very much hope that these temporary measures will allow the meadow to regrow and once again become a beautiful sight for us all to enjoy.

"The fences will be removed as soon as possible and in the meantime we thank the public for their help and understanding.”