Meet the busking Santa looking to put a smile on people's faces in Warwick and Leamington this Christmas

He has appeared on TV in the past - including on Britain's Got Talent, BBC's Dance X and Sky One's Got to Dance

Nick Wade has been busking as Santa in Leamington and Warwick to help make people smile this Christmas. Photo supplied
Nick Wade has been busking as Santa in Leamington and Warwick to help make people smile this Christmas. Photo supplied

A busker who is also a DJ and dancer has been dressing as Santa to help put a smile on people's faces across Warwick and Leamington this Christmas.

Nick Wade, who also a self-taught dancer and rapping, has been trying to spread Christmas cheer with his routines in the towns.

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The 52-year-old, who is originally from Leamington but now lives in Warwick, hopes to put a smile on people's faces when they see him.

Nick said: "With the hip hop Santa I wanted to spread festive cheer.

"I bought a Santa suit and thought I would just go and do busking - maybe make a bit of money but to also make the most of the time we have got after the misery we have had with Covid.

"People will take it or leave it but it creates a nice happy vibe and time.

"This is a positive time for me - you get to meet lots of nice people.

"I have been doing this for a long time and doing things like this help keep my skills alive but I also enjoy myself.

"I am hoping to do more sessions and then I may move on to Birmingham."

As well as doing his busking, Nick also does a variety of sets as a DJ for hire through his business 'Electronick Arts'.

Dancing under the name 'Electronick', the 52-year-old had a passion for music from a young age and has also been dancing for more than 20 years - appearing at clubs and pubs in and around Leamington.

Over the years Nick has also appeared on many talent shows for both his dancing and his rapping.

In 2007 Nick appeared on the BBC's Dance X show, then in 2010 he made it to the live auditions on Britain's Got Talent. He also appeared on Sky One's Got to Dance in 2013.

In the past Nick has also been involved in community events in the county where he has taught young people dancing and DJ skills.

Nick added: "I was one of the original bodypoppers, hip hop dancers from the early eighties - part of that first movement of streetdance and electronic hip hop.

"What I do is still true to this positive philosophy - kept alive for the future and next generations.

"I hope to dance tonight (Friday December 17) opposite the Leamington town hall from around 7pm and then hopefully tomorrow afternoon in Birmingham."

Going forward Nick is also developing his businesses - including his clothing brand Urban Soul Clothing, which is based on hip hop style.