Meet the new High Sheriff of Warwickshire - who is the 688th person to take on the historic role

David Kelham became Warwickshire’s 688th High Sheriff on April 14 and will serve the County for the 2022/23 term. Photo suppliedDavid Kelham became Warwickshire’s 688th High Sheriff on April 14 and will serve the County for the 2022/23 term. Photo supplied
David Kelham became Warwickshire’s 688th High Sheriff on April 14 and will serve the County for the 2022/23 term. Photo supplied
A new High Sheriff of Warwickshire has been appointed after a ceremony was held in Warwick

On April 14, the title of High Sheriff was handed over from The Lady Willoughby de Broke to David Kelham Esquire in The Chapel of St James at The Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick.

David became Warwickshire’s 688th High Sheriff and will serve the county for 2022/23 term.

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The office of High Sheriff is one of only two royal appointments in the county and has been around since Saxon times.

Historically, the Sheriff was responsible for raising troops, collecting taxes and catching criminals, all of which powers have over time been taken on by others.

David was born in Leicestershire, who spent his early working career in Yorkshire, Northumberland, London and Thailand before moving to Warwickshire more than 20 years ago.

He graduated in medieval and modern history from the University of Birmingham and although securing a commission with the Royal Navy, he opted for a career in drink and licensed retail within a large UK multi-industry company – selling beer, running pub estates and finally wine and spirit distribution in Asia and Europe.

A move to Coca-Cola, brought David to Warwickshire in 1999.

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He was then headhunted into headhunting and worked with a small business building an international consumer industries practice before joining the board of a specialist hospitality recruiter. He joined Excelerate Resources Ltd. in Nottingham in 2004, acquiring the business and moving it to Warwick in 2005.

David is a trained career coach and an accredited associate with Pi Predictive Index. He went on to enrol on a Common Purpose course in 2005, designed to bring leaders of public services, local industry and the charity sector after which, he joined the governing body of a secondary school.

He remains on the regional advisory board of Common Purpose, is on the SME Group of the LEP and is involved with environmental groups.

David is married to Philippa and has three grown up children.

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Speaking of his appointment, David Kelham, said: “It is a rare honour to continue the long line of High Sheriffs.

"I have been blessed by the support of the Lady Min Willoughby De Broke, allowing me to gain a little understanding of the scope of the role and from the key stakeholder in the Judiciary, Justice Andrew Lockhart.

"That, combined with the mentorship of Clare Sawdon and other former high Sheriffs, have placed me firmly on the launchpad, daunted but well-prepared.

“Aside from the primary work which is support all those people interested in protecting and promoting law and order in the county with particular reference to the police, ambulance and fire services and to support the judiciary, to include the Judges, Magistrates, coroners, prisons and probation service.

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“I will seek to continue the wonderful work of previous High Sheriffs in support of charities within Warwickshire, including Crimebeat – a charity focused on young people’s own efforts to reduce crime

“I hope to lend my support in the areas of; education, environment, equality and enterprise.

“Given my background and experience, I will keep in mind three questions whenever visiting as High Sheriff: What help do they need; what resources do they need (people or material); and who do you they need to connect with?”

To donate to the Warwickshire High Sheriff fund, which provides one-off grants to charities and organisations go to:!/DonationDetails