Mountain question leads to summit brilliant when Rugby man wins £15k from 75p ticket

Tom's pub quiz experience paid off when he entered the competition

Pictured left, Tom and, right, BOTB presenter Christian.
Pictured left, Tom and, right, BOTB presenter Christian.

Rugby might just be one of the luckiest town in the land - or so it would appear after another Rugbeian scooped a huge cash prize this week.

Tom Rundell, a 26-year-old pub quizzer from Brownsover, has scooped £15,000 in cash on his first ever attempt at playing online competition BOTB – just days after a Rugby woman scooped her dream car on the same website.

Warehouse worker Tom said: “The question was on mountains and which one out of the list was the tallest."

While many of us might have resorted to an online search, Tom's pub quiz experience meant he had the answer to hand.


He said: “I don’t know how I knew the answer but I knew it was Mont Blanc.

“I used to play in a weekly pub quiz team before the pandemic so I think I just would have heard it as one of the questions maybe."

Tom spent 75p on his ticket and then got a phone call at work from BOTB presenter Christian who gave him the good news.

He said: “I couldn’t believe it, I was just bored on Sunday night scrolling through Facebook and I came across BOTB and thought why not give it a go."


Tom plans to put some of the money towards his dream car – an AMG Mercedes, putting the rest towards a house deposit girlfriend Paige.

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