Much-loved Leamington rescue dog is missing - have you seen her?

She has been missing for a week

Suki, a white, four-year-old rescue Saluki, is missing. Photo supplied
Suki, a white, four-year-old rescue Saluki, is missing. Photo supplied

A much-loved rescue dog from Leamington has gone missing and her owners are desperately trying to find her.

Last Monday (July 19) much-loved family dog Suki, a white, four-year-old rescue Saluki, went missing.

Suki jumped over a fence at a kennels in Hampton in Arden and despite a series of sightings that morning in the local area, she is yet to be found.

Suki, a white, four-year-old rescue Saluki, is missing. Photo supplied

With temperatures reaching 30 degrees last week, the family were told that she may have been hiding from the sun in the day and likely to only come out at night.

As the weather changes, they are hoping she may now be sighted and for anyone who may have seen her to come forward.

Saluki’s are extremely fast and can run up to 40mph so it is not unlikely you may have seen her moving at speed.

Suki is normally inseparable from her owner, Tricia Henderson, in Leamington.

They have been together for 18 months - especially throughout all the recent Covid-19 measures - and she loves nothing more than being by her side.

Suki brought much-needed happiness into the Henderson family, following the loss of Tricia’s husband and it means so much to her four children, their partners, and grandchildren that this kind, affectionate dog is found and comes home again.

Suki was adopted from the Dogs Trust, having originally grown up in Ireland.

While with her previous owners in Ireland she ran away for four days, but the owner didn’t want her back.

Suki has a number of scars from this period and has a nervousness around new people and other dogs, so people are advised to approach with caution.

Tricia Henderson, Suki’s owner, said: “We are so desperate to bring Suki home, it’s coming up to a week now since she left the kennels and we are all terribly worried and missing her.

"She doesn’t know the area and is 30 minutes from home, so needs our help to find her way back.

"We desperately need sightings to try to help her find her.

"Please, please, if you think you’ve seen her, get in touch. It could be through you that we bring her home.”

To help share the message or to get in touch with a sighting go to: