"My working class boozer is being singled out": Leamington landlord's anger over council's refusal to allow more seating outside his town centre bar

Kevin Murphy has had his application to put three tables, each with two seats, on the road along the side of Murphy's Bar turned down three times by Warwick District Council

Murphy's Bar in Leamington. The landlord Kevin Murphy wants to put three tables and chairs outside in Windsor Street along the side of the pub in Regent Street but has had three applications to do so rejected by Warwick District Council.

A Leamington landlord has expressed his anger at not being allowed to put extra seating and tables outside the town centre bar he owns.

Kevin Murphy, of Murphy's Bar in Regent Street, has applied to Warwick District Council three times to put three tables with two seats for each on Windsor Street along the side of the pub.

But he has had the application rejected each time on grounds that the tables would not allow enough space for people on the pavement to pass by safely and believes he is being unfairly treated by the authority.

Kevin said: " I feel as if my working class boozer is being singled out by the council, I have felt this way for several years but this is the last straw.

"Windsor street is not even a particularly busy street.

"I have taken many photos that highlight how the pathway has got the 1.5 metre clearance [for passers-by]] the council are stipulating.

"With the pandemic you'd have thought the council might want to help us not hinder us."

Kevin is allowed to have two tables with two chairs for each outside the front entrance and windows of Murphy's on Regent Street.

But he says other establishments such as cafes, coffee shops and restaurants 'have not been given such a hard time' as he has.

He said: "I have taken a walk around the town and all but one of the other establishments seem to be breaking these rules.

"All the council has to do is admit it is wrong, say 'sorry Kevin' and let me have those tables and chairs there."

Warwick District Council has said it will not comment on individual cases but has drawn The Courier's attention to pavement furniture licenses.