Nature-based community project unveils its new cabin near Leamington

The Willows Project's new cabinThe Willows Project's new cabin
The Willows Project's new cabin
They celebrated by firing up their pizza oven on Canalside's apple pressing day

A community project that provides nature-based activities to help and support people has unveiled a new cabin.

The Willows Project works in partnership with Canalside Community Food just outside Radford Semele and leases a small piece of land from them to run a 'Care Farm', part of the national Social Farms and Gardens network, providing nature-based activity days on the farm.

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On October 14 they celebrated their new cabin - which was funded by a grant from Warwick District Council - by firing up their pizza oven on Canalside's apple pressing day, a day when the public are invited to bring any of their apples to press and take home fresh apple juice.

Firing up the pizza ovenFiring up the pizza oven
Firing up the pizza oven

A spokesperson from the The Willows Project said: "We support a wide range of groups and individuals, including those affected by learning difficulties, mental health problems, addiction recovery and disaffected young people."