Nearly 60 brave souls take a leap of faith to abseil down a Lutterworth church to back a crucial cause

The brave stunt raised £2,000
Photo by Andrew Carpenter.Photo by Andrew Carpenter.
Photo by Andrew Carpenter.

Almost 60 brave souls took a huge leap of faith as they abseiled 90 feet down a Lutterworth church to back a crucial cause.

Wearing harnesses and safety helmets, an impressive 56 volunteers gathered their courage and dropped on ropes down the side of St Mary’s Church tower.

The Rev Charlie Styles, rector at the church, was one of the brave have-a-go-heroes - despite admitting he hasn’t got a head for heights.

Photo by Andrew Carpenter.Photo by Andrew Carpenter.
Photo by Andrew Carpenter.

“I’m no fan of heights – and 90 feet is a long way down.

“So for me it was just a case of grit my teeth, grim determination and don’t look down,” said Charlie.

“We’ve done this four or five times before and I knew what was coming – I just had to get on with it.

“Abseiling is very exciting and the views across Lutterworth at the top are gorgeous.

Photo by Andrew Carpenter.Photo by Andrew Carpenter.
Photo by Andrew Carpenter.

“But my heart started to beat faster and the adrenaline began to pump as I went over the edge and started to descend.

“It was a fantastic day and a lot of people turned up to support us and cheer us on as they stood in the churchyard down below us.

“And this event wasn’t just about bringing in funds,” insisted Charlie.

“We were also determined to show everybody that we are still here and we are still very much serving our community after the tough last 18 months or so.”

The courageous churchman said the daredevil stunt has raised about £2,000 – smashing their target of £1,500.

The cash will boost the church’s bold efforts to transform the historic Church Gate Community Centre from top to bottom.

“It used to be the Mechanics’ Institute before becoming a museum and has been used lately as our foodbank for Lutterworth,” said Charlie.

“We are now on a big mission to generate £100,000 to totally refurbish this building and turn it into a community centre fit for the 21st century.

“We have raised about £30,000 so far.

“We are currently applying for further grants to help us get over the line – and we’re lining up more fundraising events as well,” said the churchman, who’s been at St Mary’s nearly nine years.

“We’ve got exciting plans for the community centre – which will be so accessible to people being right in the town.

“We want to put in a full-on changing place for disabled people for example.

“And at the moment there’s nothing else like that in the entire Harborough district,” said Charlie.

“So it will benefit so many local people.

“We are driving ahead to try to get this ambitious scheme off the ground here next year.

“And we are asking anyone in the Lutterworth area or beyond who can help us to contact us as soon as they can through our website.”

If you would like to support Charlie and the church’s fundraising campaign, you can contact them on their website here:

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