New Big-Ben-style clock to be installed at a Hillmorton church as a gift to residents

The illuminated clock will be there to benefit all passers by.

The Grapevine. Photo: Google Streetview.

A beautiful Big-Ben-style clock is set to be installed at a Hillmorton church, both to mark its 160th anniversary and as a gift to residents.

The clock, set to be installed at the Grapevine Church on on Hillmorton High Street near the junction of Featherbed Lane with Deerings Rd, has a Big-Ben-style traditional face which will be gently illuminated at night.

Dave Newman, one of the church leaders, said: “The building has a roundel on one of the gables which is very easy to see from the road.

"That is where we have installed our lovely clock. We hope people will come to see it, and then find it useful as they pass by.”

Known for over a century as the Hillmorton Mission, Grapevine opened in a ceremony on Friday October 18, 1861.

All residents are welcome to come along to a drop-in anniversary event at the church on Monday, October 18.

Refreshments will be provided.