People steal hand sanitisers from Warwick Hospital

People have been spotted stealing hand sanitisers from Warwick Hospital this weekend.

Over the last two weeks many people have started panic buying certain goods including hand wash, antibacterial sprays and hand sanitisers.

A number of hospitals have also reported recently that people have been coming in and taking hand sanitiser bottles and now it has happened at Warwick Hospital.

Over the weekend several posts appeared on social media saying that people had gone inside the hospital and ripped the bottles off walls and some people were also spotted filling up their own bottles from the hospital sanitisers.

The South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust, which operates Warwick Hospital, posted on Twitter saying: "Person seen in outpatients filling up their own bottle from our alcohol gel dispenser. Thank goodness that the vast majority of the British public are respectful of others and our amazing NHS."

On Facebook other posts appeared where people said they witnessed people stealing gloves and toilet paper as well as seeing people rip hand sanitiser dispensers off the walls.

Glen Burley, CEO of South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust, said: “I would certainly want to encourage good hand hygiene.

"Viruses can live on surfaces for hours. However, washing your hands with soap and water regularly, thoroughly and for 20 seconds is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself and others from Coronavirus and seasonal illnesses such as Norovirus and Flu.

Warwick Hospital

“While we understand that people are concerned, it is extremely disappointing that hand sanitiser and other equipment that helps to keep our staff and patients safe is being stolen from our Trust.

"The NHS is on the front-line fighting Coronavirus and we kindly ask that our community refrains from taking anything from our hospital so we can do our jobs and continue the fight.

“Please ensure you are following official NHS Coronavirus advice by visiting”