Pest control work at St Mary's Lands in Warwick now complete

An area was cordoned off and warning signs were in place ahead of the work

St Mary's Lands gv

The pest control work that has been taking place at a section of St Mary's Lands in Warwick has been now been completed.

Earlier this week The Courier shared a story about the work taking place after an area was taped off and signs were put up warning people to stay away from that area while work was taking place.

Today (Thursday April 29) Warwick District Council issued a statement saying the work was complete.

A spokesperson from Warwick District Council said: "Warwick District Council and Warwick Racecourse have now completed pest control works on St Mary’s Lands and can confirm that the signs and tape have been removed.

"The council wishes to reassure users of the Racecourse that the burrows in the affected area have been filled and that the methods used at no stage posed any threat to the surrounding wildlife, watercourses, ditches, brook or the public."

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