Plans submitted for a tree house to help make Leamington park a 'destination'

There are plans in place to help create a new £300,000 play area - but these are yet to be finalised

Plans have been submitted for a tree house at a play park in Leamington.

The application, if given the go ahead, will see the 5.8metre structure built in Victoria Park.

According to the application, which has been submitted by Warwick District Council, the play tree house is part of a project to create a new playground.

Plans have been submitted for a tree house at a play park in Leamington


Warwick District Council have said that there are plans for a new £300,000 play area, which could include an aerial slide, swings and a sand pit.

The overall plans for the play area are still being finalised.

Design plans for the tree house show that it could feature a slide, climbing areas and a fireman's pole.

In the planning statement it said: "The current play area is looking tired and is need of replacement, as part of the tender a statement piece of equipment was wanted within the design this was ensure the play area was interesting and attractive to users and create a legacy worthy of a destination park.


"The winning bidder submitted a bespoke tree house unit as part of their design, the new area will be on the same footprint as the existing area as can be seen on the accompanying plans.

"As the park is listed and forms part of the Conservation area, careful thought was put into the design and working closely with colleagues to agree the orientation, colours etc. as not to impact on the nature of the park."

To view the plans and imagery for the tree house go to Warwick District Council's planning portal and search: W/21/1023