Plans to create cycle tracks at Newbold Comyn golf course in Leamington are recommended for approval

The plans have divided opinion among townspeople with some, including cycling group members, wanting the redevelopment to go ahead while others are gravely concerned about the impact the changes would have on the comyn

The plans for the bicycle tracks and hub at Newbold Comyn.

Major plans to redevelop the disused golf course at Newbold Comyn in Leamington and create cycle tracks at the existing golf shop have been recommended for approval by Warwick District Council planning officers.

The proposal will now go before the planning committee next Thursday (May 20) where councillors will make their decision.

The plans have proven to be divisive among townspeople and planners have received hundreds of letters - for and against the idea.

Those in support have said the plans would create an 'excellent facility' and be a 'great addition to the local area'.

Supporters have also said that the tracks will:

- Allow children to learn the skills to ride safely and confidently before moving onto roads

- Attract a wider range of users who can use the park safety

- Encourage cycling and exercise in general

- Allow people to stay local rather than having to travel to other facilities.

Objectors to the plans argue:

- The area should be left alone for recreational walking and dog walkers

- There is no data to support the proposed usage

-The plans could result in parking and traffic problems and 'potential for pedestrian/cycle conflict'

- They could destroy a large area of the comyn that would be better suited to tree planting and wildlife.

Design, engineering and project management consultancy Atkins is acting as an agent on behalf of the council to create the plans for the cycle tracks and hub.To view and/or comment of the application click here or search for W/21/0256 on Warwick District Council's online planning portal.