Plans to shunt village near Leamington into another constituency could prove unpopular with residents, says councillor

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Warwick District Council's licensing and regulatory committee discussed potential changes to the political map this week

A proposal to shunt Radford Semele into a neighbouring parliamentary constituency could prove unpopular with those living in the village.

That was the message from Cllr Pam Redford (Con, Cubbington and Leek Wootton) at yesterday's (Monday's) meeting of Warwick District Council’s licensing and regulatory committee.

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Councillors were debating potential changes to the political map as part of a review by the Boundary Commission for England.

Back in July, members of the committee called for the Budbrooke ward to remain within the Warwick and Leamington constituency rather than be moved to the one covering Kenilworth and Southam.

That appeal seemed to have fallen on deaf ears but at this week’s meeting, councillors repeated that suggestion and added a fresh request.

Cllr Alan Boad (Lib Dem, Leamington Lillington) said: “I would propose that Radford Semele, because of its links with Leamington Spa, stays in the Warwick and Leamington constituency.”

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Democratic services manager Graham Leach explained that the village was currently within the Kenilworth and Southam constituency prompting Cllr Redford to comment: “I really can’t see much of an argument because it is already there. The people of Radford Semele would not like the idea of being with Leamington and Warwick.”

Councillors also flagged up their concerns that future housing growth around Kenilworth would mean a disproportionate number of voters living in that constituency.

Mr Leach added: “You could put that forward as a proposal and it would help with the numbers issue which is addressed within the report. We could build a point around Radford Semele and how it is more associated with the Leamington and Warwick constituency than it is with the Kenilworth and Southam constituency,”

Committee members approved the proposal which will go forward as the council’s response to the consultation which is also open to members of the public and parish and town councils to have their say.

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The previous round of consultation produced 129 comments in relation to constituencies within Warwick district - 96 in relation to the Warwick & Leamington one and 33 on the Kenilworth and Southam constituency.